Frequently Asked Questions

Track & Facility

  • What days are available for open practice?
    • Any empty calendar day can be requested as Open Practice 7 days prior to the specific date. IE: October 7th is empty therefore Open Practice can be booked on October 1st.
    • Must preregister for Open Practice. Walk-ins are not accepted.
  • There’s an event this weekend. Who do I contact about getting a driver slot?
    • All driver slot inquiries for specific events must be directed towards the event organizer(s) via their website, email, social media, etc. Apple Valley Speedway does NOT handle driver registration for booked events, nor have any partnering relationships with said organizer(s).
  • What does it cost to rent the track?
    • Pricing information can be found on our pricing page found here: Open Practice & Event Booking Prices
      • All event bookings require a security deposit be made within two business days of receiving the event invoice. Failure to complete will deem forfeiture of reservation request and invoice will be cancelled.
        • Security deposits are refunded 1 business day after a successful and problem free event. Example: event ends on Friday and we issue the security deposit refund the following Monday morning. Likewise, we ask to allow between 5 to 7 business days to see the refund reflected back into your respective account(s).
  • What is the age requirement for a driver/passenger and spectators?
    • All drivers and passengers must be 18 years or older. No age restrictions on spectators.
  • What are the hours of operation?
    • Gate hours are from 8AM to 6PM & track hours 9AM-5PM (Day Time Events), gate 2PM to 12AM & track 3PM-11PM (Night Time Events), and gate 8AM to 12AM & track 9AM-11PM (Full Day Events). Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8AM to 5PM excluding major holidays.
  • Who will run the track organization for a private event?
    • The organizer of the event is responsible for bringing their own flag crew and rescue vehicle(s). Organizer will also need to have their own drivers meeting going over Apple Valley Speedway’s rules, regulations, and vehicle requirements. Rental Agreement Form.
  • How long are provided entry wristbands valid for?
    • Wristbands are valid for one day for single day events. Two days maximum for multiday events.

Vehicle & Safety

  • Are roll bars required?
    • 4 point or more is required for all convertible vehicles. If no roll bar / cage is installed in a convertible then the vehicle cannot be driven on the track. Non-convertible vehicles do not require a roll bar or roll cage. For specifics: Vehicle Requirements Form.
  • What safety/vehicle requirements are needed to track my car?
  • Are helmets provided at the track?
    • With the purchase of a brand new head sock ($10), the purchaser is allowed to use an AVS helmet for one event. Helmet usage requires an identification card to be held by staff until helmet is returned.


  • How do I apply for media pass, is anything required, and where can I photograph/videograph?
    • Media pass is NOT required by Apple Valley Speedway for NON-COMMERCIAL use. A written agreement must be drawn for any commercial use still imagery, motion photography, or any other assets captured on AVS grounds.
    • Any personnel wishing to capture still or motion photography must wear a reflective vest AT ALL TIMES while on track. Likewise, no personnel is allowed to move on or off track during a “hot” or live session. Failure to do so will prompt removal from the facility without a refund.


  • What is the track doing to prevent the spread of Covid19?
    • All attendees are required to wear face masks at all times (except when headsock and/or helmet is on while driving), practice social distancing, all in-door facilities on premise will be closed, there will be no live audiences, and all applicable guidelines stated by San Bernardino County will be enforced.
  • How does the Annual Pass work?
    • The $365 Annual Pass covers driver fee for one year starting on the date the pass is purchased. This allows unlimited participation in Open Practice days. However, $10 entrance is still required. IE: Attending 10 open practice days WITH an Annual Pass will cost $100 (10 practices x $10 entrance fee). Attend 10 open practice days WITHOUT an Annual Pass for main track & skid pad will cost $900 (10 practices x $80 driver registration & $10 entrance fee).
      • Annual Pass can be purchased in-person or through our link here: Annual Pass.