For reservations, please fill out the reservation booking form.
There will be $10.00 entry fee per person for all private bookings and open practices. Children 3 years old or younger free entry
Note: Security deposit is required at the time of group booking. For open practice dates, DO NOT allow motorcycles, cars, and karts to be on the track at the same time. Open Practice reservations must be made on the website prior to attending

Monday Track CLOSED
Office hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Event Group Booking

Individual Open Practice Booking

Includes $10 Entrance Fee
Paid invoice or receipt MUST be presented to staff before entering the facility

Headsock Purchase For $5

Includes Free Use Of AVS Helmets For One Day/Night!

One Helmet Per Headsock Purchase. Must Submit ID For Holding While Utilizing Helmet

All You Can Drive Annual Pass

Drive anytime you'd like 365 days a year for the price of $365*!

Annual Pass cannot be shared with others. Pass valid for purchaser only.
Exclusions apply. Please see terms & conditions below.

*Terms & Conditions

1. Program is for any Open Practice / empty calendar dates from 8AM-5PM only
Members are welcome to come on any Open Practice / empty calendar dates. Not valid during organized and private events. Open Practice days run from 8AM to 5PM ONLY. Please check the event calendar beforehand. - Annual Pass cannot be shared with others. Pass valid for purchaser only.
2. Photo ID and Invoice receipt must be presented upon arrival
Photo ID and online invoice receipt is required for each day of use. Liability waivers must be signed prior to entry.
3. Only one vehicle type are allowed per open practice.
Open practice subject to one vehicle style use per day. ie: Drift, Kart, Motorcycle, etc.
4. All sales are final. Not refundable and non-transferable
Annual Pass memberships are final and non-transferable. Gate fees are non-refundable if weather forces closure of the track.
5. Membership will expire one year (365 days) from the payment date
Membership starts on date of payment, ends on the same date the following year; ie: March 1, 2019 - March 1, 2020 - Annual Pass cannot be shared with others. Pass valid for purchaser only.
6. Please follow the basic track regulations
Adherence of normal track agreement policies required Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to deny or revoke membership at will if terms and conditions are not met
7. Rules and regulations
- Annual Pass cannot be shared with others. Pass valid for purchaser only. - Driver and Passengers must wear helmets at all times while on the main track or skid pad
- Spectators must stand behind tire walls or designated areas off the skid pad
- Owners must tech inspect their own vehicle (AVS will not be responsible for damages)
- Drivers may NOT conduct burnouts either on the main track, skidpad or any pit areas
- Drivers, Passengers and spectators must keep the skid pad clean (free of debris or vehicle parts)
- One vehicle at a time on skid pad
- All drivers must wait in pit area until skid pad is clear
- No parking/pitting on the skid pad (including lining up for pit area)
- All drivers must enter/exit on the south entrance facing the main pit road
- No cones when 2 vehicles are present (unless mutually agreed upon)
- If participants violate this policy, they will be removed from the facility without a refund)
8. Vehicle Requirements
9. Does Not Waive $10 Entrance Fee
A $10 entrance fee will be requested through online invoice prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy:
Deposit is refundable 100% when cancelling 30 days before event date, 29-15 days 50%, within 14 days no refund. Complimentary rescheduling during natural disasters on event date.